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Welcome to the next generation of music!

Brainwater offers you an extraordinary and hyper-interactive music experience. A new species of musical event you have never seen before.

Using the new Reactable-Live-Technology, Brainwater creates music, lets your guests be part of the music and even offers interactive musical games for your guests.

What is the Reactable?

The Reactable is a new form of musical instrument. It looks like a round table that is illuminated from below. There are so-called musical blocks on the table. These blocks, manipulated by the player, create sound, rhythms and melodies. During that process, the signals creating the music are visible and animated on the surface of the table, giving the player a visual feedback of his creation while he moves, rotates and touches the different musical blocks.

What kind of entertainment will be provided?

Brainwater offers different kinds of sensations for your event:

If you have a crowd of people to be entertained at the same time, we will create a musical performance that your guests can listen to and watch while we perform with the Reactable. For larger crowds, a camera and beamer is used to project the table-surface on a wall behind so everyone can enjoy the interaction.

We also provide your guests with the possibility to play the table themselves, instructed by us. Up to four people can play with the table at the same time. They will enjoy a totally new musical experience. It is a lot of fun and will always sound nice making your guests feel like musical geniuses.

But there's more: We can even create musical interactive games for your guests, like a game of concentration using different sound effects that can, of course, be made especially for your company. We can even print invitation-cards that contain musical symbols your guest can place on the table and hear a special message, price announcement or team assignment. There are endless possibilities. contact us and tell us your vision.

What kind of music will be provided?

The choice is up to you! The table can play all kinds of music. At the moment we offer a great set of groovy techhouse-club tracks for the show as well as a chilling set of tribal grooves. Just let us know what your event is up to and we'll create whatever you like. Even a mix of actual charthits can be made for your event.

What will your performance cost?

That depends on the place, the length, the style and a lot of different factors. Just contact us and tell us your plans and needs. We will provide you with a suitable offer that ensures your success!

NB: We will also do free shows for charity-events! Just contact us.

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